Ep.37_Life After High School Series Pt.1

August 24, 2017

If you're a High School Senior and you have questions on how to finance your college career, tune in to this episode of FAWS on the MIC.   Iris our hostess with the mostest, discusses great tips on how to avoid graduating college with huge amounts of student loan debt.  Special cameo appearance by non other than Adam "the Birdman" Bird.


Ep.36_Career Quick Tips Pt.6

July 29, 2017
Ever wonder what questions are illegal during interviews?  Listen up while Iris discusses those questions and lots of other great career quick tips.

Ep.35_Work-Life Balance

July 20, 2017

Work- life balance is essential to combat stress, ensuring both individual and company success. The stress associated with unbalanced lifestyles is costly; it damages productivity and increases individual health risks. Employees who have the tools to balance their professional and personal lives are happier, healthier, and more productive.


Ep.34_Emotional Intelligence

July 11, 2017

Emotional Intelligence is a part of you that affects every aspect of your life. Understanding the root causes of your emotions and how to use them can help you to effectively identify who you are and how you interact with others, especially in the workplace.


An employee with high emotional intelligence can manage his or her own impulses, communicate with others effectively, solve problems, and use humor to build rapport in tense situations. 


Ep.33_Moving up the Ladder

June 25, 2017

All companies have paths that lead to the highest positions in the organization.  But, one thing for sure, we must look out for our own careers.  During this episode we are going to discuss how to move up in the corporate ladder.


Ep.32_Application Forms

June 23, 2017

Looking for a job can be an overwhelming experience; the multiple application forms to fill out can get somewhat cumbersome and even confusing at times.  Listen in as Iris shares a few tips on how to fill out those job applications correctly.


Ep.31_Career Tips Pt. 5 - Words Never to Include in your Resume

June 14, 2017
If you've ever wondered if there are words that could make a recruiter overlook your resume then this episode is for you.  Tune into FAWS on the MIC Ep.31 your career quick tips Pt5, where Iris shares the words never to include in your resume.



Ep.30_Conflict in the Workplace

May 23, 2017

How many of you listeners have experienced conflict in the workplace?  Many I'm sure.  Listen in as Iris of FAWS discusses conflict and conflict resolution, and ways to mitigate conflict within your organization.


Ep.29_Hiring Season

May 12, 2017
Hiring season is almost here.  One thing we as jobseekers must understand about hiring season is that companies go into hiring mode in accordance with their  business cycles.  Listen in as FAWS on the MIC breaks down the hiring season and when primetime begins for jobseekers to go into resume launching mode begins. 

Ep.28_Career Quick Tips Pt.4

May 3, 2017

In this 4th part of our Career quick tips, we discuss the No-Nos of salary negotiations as well as Social media.  Be sure to listen in for the new hotness on LinkedIn.  Or better yet listen to the upcoming hiring events in your area.  Be sure to add any questions on our social media handles.